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We've done it with several merchant gateways already. We tested it by running 3,000,000 profiles with photos, and it worked well. The number of pictures can be modified in the admin panel of the dating software to suit your own dating site's needs. Surely, several license and core files are encrypted. Your host must have a Linux/Unix (Red Hat, Debian, Free BSD, Mandrake, etc.) or Windows OS, Apache Web Server, PHP 5 and higher (Apache and CGI modules), My SQL 4.1 and higher, Cron Jobs, ion Cube Loader for the license files, open IN and OUT TCP connection on ports 999, 19. id=112&url=15How soon can I download the dating scripts? We will inform you when we update our personals software and guide you through the installation. You will be given a personal designer, and you will work with him till the result is ok for you. It takes a few hours to process and verify the payment. Dating Software Profiles Dating Software Affiliate Program Dating Software Comparison Dating Site Software Solution Online Dating Software - Making Money Software for Dating - The Able Dating Way Dating Script - Communication PHP Dating Script vs.

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Easy to use functional solution will let website owners administer their own business in the field of international acquaintanceship and will save time and money.Currently we protect our own scripts by using a checksum method that calculates its value from various file attributes - mainly size and contents (e.g.HTML templates containing our own copyright notes).I've attached the code that I used to use, back in the days of CGI and Slackware! I don't guarantee the amount of protection that this provides, so your mileage may vary. /usr/bin/perl require 5.002 ; use vars qw($XOR $BLOCKSIZE $HEADERSIZE $CRYPT_MAGIC_1 $CRYPT_MAGIC_2 $size $mode $line ) ; $XOR = 'Perl' ; $BLOCKSIZE = length $XOR ; $HEADERSIZE = 2 ; $CRYPT_MAGIC_1 = 0xff ; $CRYPT_MAGIC_2 = 0x00 ; $Fingerprint = pack ("C*", $CRYPT_MAGIC_1, $CRYPT_MAGIC_2) ; die "Usage: encrypt file...\n" unless @ARGV ; # Loop throught each file in turn. /usr/bin/perl require 5.002; use vars qw ( $XOR $BLOCKSIZE $HEADERSIZE $CRYPT_MAGIC_1 $CRYPT_MAGIC_2 $size $mode $line ); $XOR = 'Perl'; $BLOCKSIZE = length $XOR; $HEADERSIZE = 2; $CRYPT_MAGIC_1 = 0xff; $CRYPT_MAGIC_2 = 0x00; foreach $file (@ARGV) Regarding "": Unfortunately they provide quite less information on their website (used encryption method, expiration scheme working, etc.). i have compiled my script with perlcc and someone went in and hexed it to death or somehow is tricking or removed the licensing portion. Unluckily, my company wants me to write CGI programming with C. Anyway I've to learn and apply it for the next 2 months. That being said, you could have stood to drop a BIT of theory in there not just links I'm sure.

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