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Mental checks can occur both in the presence and absence of a given target stimulus.

Individuals may engage in mental checking rituals shortly after an event, but covert checking is not bound by time or space.

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Many examples of compulsive checking rituals in OCD involve direct inspection of a target stimulus by sight, sound, or feel.EEOC's Online Charge Status System allows both individuals who have filed a charge of discrimination (charging parties) with EEOC and respondents, and their respective representatives, to track the progress of the charge.These are the only users of the system authorized by EEOC.In contrast, other compulsive checking rituals can only be perceived by the individual engaging in the behavior.These types of OCD rituals are thought-based and are sometimes referred to as Mental checking is the cognitive counterpart of behavioral checking, and many covert checking rituals overlap extensively with the mental rituals that characterize Pure-O OCD.

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