College dating

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However, you don't want to go too far with this new freedom.

Just because your parents aren't around to enforce a curfew doesn't mean it's a good idea to spend the night with your boyfriend or girlfriend when you have a midterm the next morning.

Spree takes the thrilling elements of speed dating and creates a platform that allows college students to have live conversations with potential dates.

Spree will put all your other dating apps to shame, so say goodbye to swiping and hello to your potential future.

Everyone you meet is just like you: they are here to learn, grow, and figure themselves out.

The boy you’re partnered with for your English project or the girl who asked to sit next to you in the dining hall may become your best friend — or something more. You may be surprised by the one who ends up catching your attention. A huge mistake most people make is the way they go about finding their new-found love.

Either way, there are some huge realizations you must understand before jumping into something new with the cutie from your calculus lecture.

So where do you start figuring out your love life after high school?

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Well you’re in luck, I’m here to tell you there It’s called Spree, and it’s the next big thing coming to the dating world.This allows for a more comprehensive analysis of the person, rather than basing your opinion on looks alone. You want to find a person that’s compatible with your true self, not with someone you are pretending to be. Sometimes, the wrong topic of conversation can start you off on an awkward foot.There is nothing wrong with putting your best foot forward, however don’t be fake. People are passionate about their beliefs and you don’t want to offend anyone on the first date. Keep things casual and date as many people as you like.Spree gives you 90 seconds of live chatting before you make your ultimate decision to “See ya never” or continue getting to know one another.Spree eliminates the usual awkwardness that comes with dating apps by opening up the opportunity to get to know the person before you match.

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