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These are some games we have found fun to play while one of us is traveling.We’ll sometimes play at home too, but we were initially looking for some games we could play to keep us connected while one of us was away.

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Some were blonde haired studs and some were skinny geeks.

In the board game 'Dream Phone' you would use the included pink phone to call cheesy looking American guys with a number starting '555-'.

Someone may have given you a tip, something like "this guy doesn't eat pizza".

There’s also some really glowing background details that are prime , without being dwelt on, like Roger reading “You, Me, and Dupree,” before Steve and Hailey enter the scene -- and are acting like a bunch of Duprees, no less.

Francine can’t help but notice that Greg hasn’t been the same on the news after Terry dumped him, becoming determined to find him a new man in the process.

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