Dating your boss pedal

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I am using a One Spot to power the pedal and the battery has went dead sometime ago, so I took the battery out.

In the meantime the thing has began to whistle when engaged.

The last three digits along with the letter is batch number.

It's a pity that the 4558 is such common IC and so little documented.

By today’s standards this is not too impressive as many modern octavers can go all the way down to the Low E on the first octave – a few of them even beyond that…

In the sound clips section, you will find six short audio clips demonstrating each of the six variations as described above.

dating your boss pedal-14

dating your boss pedal-8

(I run ALL my pedals off a Boss PSM-5, and a single PSU, but I have a feeling you can't get the PSM-5s anymore) I broke down and put some new 9 volts in the pedals and still got hum with new batteries, so I disconnected the One Spot and the hiss went away.......can these power supplies just suddenly go bad after just a few hours of use.

According to the Boss serial number decoder, the pedal was released in 1978 making it a lot older than me!

Notice that it doesn’t contain a ‘tone’ control like the later Boss pedals did.

Some of the newer takes on octave pedals also include the option to go an octave above, though.

A key parameter that all octaver pedals are judged on is their ability to track notes precisely; especially in the very low end of the register, and the OC-2 gets into ‘tracking trouble’ when you hit the low F#.

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