Denise ho and joey yung dating

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C-Hing just followed Joey out and didn't say anything.

Joey Yung and Denise Ho (Hocc) have been good friends for over 10 years.

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After attending an event two days ago, the Hong Kong singer-actress immediately rushed for a date with her boyfriend, without even changing out of her performance outfit.

Ignoring stares from fellow diners, the couple even fed and hugged each other at the restaurant.

Joey started running in her high heels while Wilfred chased after her when they discovered the presence of paparazzi after leaving the restaurant at 11pm.

So more likely joey chose db over hocc because she loves him more (i believe she must have other persuers, why pick db??? She explained it very well how she knew a guy who wasn't serious about a relationship but still went on vacations with his gf, even giving her a credit card.

Everyone thought they would get married but she knew it wasn't going to happen. Yea they ate going on vacation but something is obviously missing. Why posts all these single photos of herself when she could've just posted couple hugging photos.

In a state of bliss while chatting happily with her boyfriend, Joey was overheard saying, “I feel so happy at this moment”.

According to reliable sources, at Joey's birthday party, Denise Ho cries on the spot at the instance she found out about the relationship.

She initially made a special trip back to HK for the party, but the next day she bought a ticket and left the heartbreaking land immediately.

The couple then hopped on a taxi and left the scene immediately.

According to the Hong Kong media, Joey’s dubious sexual orientation has sparked a controversy when she was rumoured to be romantically linked to Hong Kong singer Denise Ho, who admitted to being a homosexual .

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