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Removing eggs from a nest will only cause the female goose to lay again.Oiling refers to coating the egg(s) with a food grade corn oil.

Homeowners' associations and local governments or their agents must obtain landowner consent prior to destroying nests and eggs on private property within the homeowners' association or local government's jurisdiction and be in compliance with all State and local laws and regulations.

It is always preferred, and necessary, to implement other harassment techniques to try and remove the Canada geese naturally from a location before egg depredation is incorporated into your Canada geese control program.

There are three ways to properly manage egg depredation: It is suggested that, in the interest of humane treatment, these techniques be performed as early in incubation as possible.

Removing a nest (prior to eggs) forces breeding geese to relocate to an undisturbed area, build a new nest, or nest later in the season.

Canada geese may take from a day to a week to construct a nest before they lay eggs.

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