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Together with producer/director Robert Rodriguez, Avellán owns half of Austin-based production company Troublemaker Studios.

The duo has a reputation for producing low-budget films relative to their competition in the industry."Thirty million dollars sounds like a lot of money …

Everything from casting to scripts to locations and music -- that's what a producer has to think about.

With a repertoire like Avellán's, it was surprising to hear her humbly state, "I'm still learning [the business] as we speak." She spoke a bit about how the role of a producer is making sure everything that is shown onscreen is accounted for, and used the example of copyright products and logos as items to watch for when producing a film, as they can run at a very high cost.

"If I get arrested twice more, or get convicted of anything twice more in Texas, I'm getting the electric chair, or whatever they do now -- lethal injection?We will screen short student films from the Girls Impact the World Film Festival—3- to 5-minute film about such subjects as the education of girls, redefining “beauty,” sex trafficking, and women and the environment.These films tell stories about girls and women that raise awareness and propose solutions, while providing young adult voices an outlet in a compelling medium.We believe that great statues are a binding force that can help draw the citizens of Austin into a shared understanding of our city's past and the promise of its future. We raise money independently, through the generosity of individual donors and foundations. None of our board members receive any form of compensation or remuneration.CAST BOARD MEMBERS ELIZABETH AVELLÁN was born in Caracas, Venezuela, where her grandfather, Gonzalo Veloz, was a pioneer in the commercial television industry.

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