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The phenomenon of prostitutes offering shopkeepers sex in return for free or discounted clothes is becoming more common in Tehran's shopping districts, undermining HIV/AIDS prevention efforts in a country where the virus is increasingly transmitted sexually.Health officials and experts say they believe the practice in part stems from loosening sexual mores among Iran's predominantly young population.

"I don't think [the prostitutes] are HIV/AIDS-aware," said IPL volunteer Amir Fattahi.Gheychi Abad va Yek Rooz Lake Ghermez Istade Dar Ghoobar Man Fasle Narges Gahi Haft Mahegi Popular Pages: Photos Editorial Illustrations Videos Audio Free Photos.Several senior US officials have said they were unaware of any video showing a money transfer, which the Obama administration says was part of a settlement from a decades-old arms deal.Obviously, “Unveiled” is a reflection of Saatchi’s personal taste -- and there’s nothing wrong with that.Another collector-curator could trawl the galleries and studios of Planet Earth and come up, for example, with a lot of video art (a medium in which Saatchi seems to have little interest).

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