Podpress feed not validating

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Therefore a variety of plugins want to improve on this and want to make life easier for podcasters.But all of them are tying too much into the conventions and workflows of Word Press that are not always doing what a podcaster needs.Pick any common tag (or label) and attach it to all your blog posts that are be made available as a podcast.For this example, we will use the “podcast” tag (or label).

If you just want to use Podlove Publisher on your website to publish your podcast, go to our Podlove Publisher landing page.The popular blogging platform Word Press has proven to be also rather popular with podcasters.However, the system itself is not particularly made for podcasting and while some things are easy, other things are rather complicated and error-prone.These are plugins I use on my sites or client sites.I’m doing this as a reference for myself but also as a way to provide information to you.

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