Poem dating myself

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I love turning up the music in my house as loud as I want, and with an intoxicating sway in my hips I lick the delicious spices from my fingers while I cook—smiling simply because I am happy.

I don’t need someone to take me out and spend money on me to make me feel loved and until a man comes along who will be content watching me dance barefoot in the kitchen while I cook for us, I’m happy living a life I love.

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Myself, Wished someone understood, Myself, I wish someone could. (If your wondering which one I am, I'm the one on the right) But we have known each other for almost 5 years, and we have ...

The collection starts with the moment the man she has been married to for 35 years, whose love, she says, made her look "out at the world as if from inside/ a profound dwelling", tells her that his love has died.

It continues through the days, and weeks, that follow: in the conversations about "when to tell the kids", in the speech she has prepared for her mother, in the "last look" and the "last hour". "If I pass a mirror," she says in her poem "Known to be left", "I turn away, I do not want to look at her, and she does not want to be seen." It's clear, and it's sharp, and it's forensic in its detail, and it's lyrical, and it's beautiful, and it's devastating.

Von See (1981) identifies direct influence of the Disticha Catonis on the Gestaþáttr, suggesting that also this part is a product of the high medieval period and casting doubt on the "unadulterated Germanic character" of the poem claimed by earlier commentators.

To the gnomic core of the poem, other fragments and poems dealing with wisdom and proverbs accreted over time.

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