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This can be interpreted many ways, but one of the ways in which we seek union is by uniting with our partner, both in our day to day lives, as well as (ahem) sexually. Meaning, you have to put the karmic causes in play: help others in their relationships, respect others’ romantic bonds, befriend lonely people, and cultivate the qualities in yourself that you’d like to see in your partner. (My advice on that: don’t go there.) Long story short, I decided to join an online dating site a couple months ago. Similarly, when we come to our yoga mat, we’re often looking to relieve pain and stress. If you want to meet Krishna, you’ve got to be Radha.

One was back about ten years ago when I was fresh out of college, during that earlier phase where the options were a little more scant.

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This is said by some traditions to be the highest yoga, and our partner eventually becomes our teacher and guide, pushing us to evolve and transform into the deity we are destined to become. I feel like I’ve been asking that question for years. And in the meantime, I’ve come to see that online dating is in itself a practice. Have you noticed what happens when you forget to set an intention at the beginning of your yoga practice? Moreover, it actually works– we feel happier, calmer, and just overall better. Yes, we want someone to love, a companion, someone to be there through thick and thin, someone to cuddle with and eat with and laugh at our jokes. So before you go on a date, before you send a guy a message, before you even fill out your profile, take a moment to create yourself as divine. You have no inherent identity; you are whoever you identify as, as dictated by your past thoughts, words and actions. They lie about their height, or their body type, or they post younger, more attractive photos of themselves.

So if you’re in the same boat as me, here are a few tips to make your quest for true love part of your practice rather than an exercise in egoic agony. But can we use that partnership, and the person we become through that partnership, to serve the world? If you label yourself as ordinary, you will see yourself as ordinary. Of course we’re all just trying to portray our best selves, but it’s important to practice the high art of , truthfulness.

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