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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Cleveland Indians take on the Baltimore Orioles on Tuesday in Game 69 of the MLB season at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

Get scoring updates and participate in a live chat in the comments below with reporters Paul Hoynes and Zack Meisel.

Want to figure out the best way to put a target on your back?

Win back-to-back state titles and come to Prairie View Golf Club poised to become the first team to win three straight.

I first saw Pink Flamingos when I was seven or eight years old, and it had a major impact on me.

I wasn't phased by a giant drag queen eating dog shit or two hippies fucking a chicken to death.

“They can beat anybody and any course we play against. Zionsville's Joey Ranieri,right, and Castle's Austin Bratton,left, check the distance to the hole on the 12th hole during the IHSAA Boys Golf State Championship at Prairie View Golf Club in Carmel Tuesday June 13, 2017. We had our game plan and they focused on it and got after it today.

month, we figured we'd switch the roles, and ask some of our favorite male musicians, comedians and writers which dudes they found themselves drawn to many moons ago, out of admiration, sexually, or both!

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On the flipside, the Tribe has dropped 7 straight at Coors Field with its last victory coming on June 16, 2002.What John Waters represented to me was that anything was possible. Like many punkers my age, Chris was the gateway to all sorts of ideas and concepts that shook my privilege white male heteronormative world to its core. My very first guy crush was actor Jason David Frank in the early '90s.That maybe one day I could make an insane movie with my friends. At a time when the punk experience was dominated by a bro-y skate culture, he was the voice of subversion from within. He portrayed Tommy Oliver who is considered to be the greatest ranger in the Power Rangers franchise.Unsurprisingly, the answers we got back were as varied as the gentlemen we talked to.Mainly because the definition of "crush" is vast and relative -- there's no one way to correctly answer the question.

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