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As for unlocked i Phones, you should probably hold off for the time being.The most serious problems we're hearing so far relate to i Phone Dev Team's any SIM unlock, which has left some i Phones "bricked" with an "Incorrect SIM" error message (seen above). That’s not to say things don’t go wrong, and it might surprise you to learn there’s actually a “right way” to go about doing this.Here’s how to remove your jailbreak and restore stock i OS to your i Phone, i Pad or i Pod Touch.

For anyone who may not be sure, firmware is basically the 'software' that runs a device's hardware.

From time to time, you might see a Carrier Settings Update message pop up on your i Phone, saying that new settings are available, and asking if you would like to update them now.

Admittedly, this message is somewhat cryptic, and doesn’t give you any information regarding what’s included in the update or where it’s coming from.

Most people with a jailbroken i Phone will end up with a "factory-fresh" i Phone after the 1.1.1 firmware update.

Your mileage may vary, and isolated incidents of bricking have occurred, but most people are just going to have a 3rd party-free, AT&T-only i Phone in their pocket when the day is through, and bricking seems to be just as common for a virgin i Phones as for jailbroken ones.

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