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Overall, longer cue-target intervals—that is, longer time available for removal of outdated information—led to faster updating, suggesting that people can actively remove information from WM.Experiments 1 and 2 demonstrated that well-established effects of item repetition and similarity on updating RTs were diminished with longer cue-target interval, arguably because representational overlap between outdated and new information becomes less influential when outdated information can be removed prior to new encoding.

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In a modified version of an established updating paradigm, to-be-updated items were cued before the new memoranda were presented.

The second is when records are displayed on an interactive device, and an operator can then amend a record while able to see it: this method is sometimes also called file editing.

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When you install or update an Adobe Creative Cloud app, such as Photoshop CC, running applications or processes can interfere and cause the installation to stop temporarily.

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