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She is a happy, cheerful girl, with a bubbly personality.

She is also a Minecraft player, but also plays roblox and other games. Amy Lee33 is where she publishes Minecraft videos while Amy's World is where she publishes real life vlogs, Minecraft clips, and random things.

A&E has renewed The Bates Motel for two more seasons.

Today Lee is levitating, apparently literally, in the video for Call Me When You're Sober, the first single from Evanescence's second album.

She has 990,000 subscribers as of December 31st, 2016 Amy's World, is her second channel, which focuses mainly on vlogging and shows what Amy gets up to in her daily life, the channel has over 100,000 subscribers. She had a dog named Sam, but it was given to a new owner. She has pink hair with a blue and yellow tiara/headband. While she has three shades of purple scales for her tail.

She has pink eyebrows and three shades of blue for iris. And her pink hair at the back of her skin ends in a light blue hair tie (not seen in Amy's PC skin). As "Hermione Lee33", she wears dark grey dress with black witches hat and no hairband-like tiara. Main Article: The Candy Isle The Candy Isle is a modded survival series that Amy does with Stacy, both are mermaids in the series which features marine life such as turtles, crabs, whales, and narwhals.

"I had so much I needed to get off my chest," she says. It felt so good." To her credit, the 24-year-old singer, pianist and songwriter points out that the challenges she's faced in recent years are no greater than anyone else's.

It's just that Lee's trials and tribulations have been sensationalised in the media and her healing process includes a collection of songs that will be heard by millions.

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