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You're already a showstopper, a goddess, and yes, intimidating in every way — in a good way. Hold your gaze across the room for three seconds to give a welcoming smile and look away, totally giving him/her the ~signal~ (just don't wink — I promise you first hand, it's weird and harder than it looks). When you're comfortable with yourself, imagine how smoothly each and every conversation with any potential hottie can go.The 22-year-old has also appeared in a recurring role on the Canadian drama, .THR spoke to Mirchoff about what we can expect from Matty and Jenna’s romance this season, where he’d like to go with his character in Season 2, and what he has in common with the popular Matty on the MTV hit.Ashley Rickards I'm sort of a reverse Method actor. After ' One Tree Hill', I started dressing in Converse and ripped jeans and hoodies.On ' Awkward', it manifests in how I speak.There's no way a kid can learn in a class with 40 to 45 people.

I went to a school where you had to take an IQ test to attend.Ashley Rickards I'm not saying standardized tests are the worst ever, but there's an in-between and I don't think we're there yet.That's what I mean when I say I have an issue with it. “You know, I’ve been doing a lot of outdoors stuff.I’ve been doing a lot of scuba diving on the weekends, and hiking, and playing music, and just, you know, hanging out really.” STORY: ' Awkward's' Jillian Rose Reed on Who Wrote the Letter: ' Everyone Is a Suspect' In fact, he was traveling when the news that MTV had given the series another season broke. “I was actually flying home from Miami," he remembers.

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