Worst cities for dating wichita

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One of my favorites was from a gentleman (again anonymous) who began his voicemail: “I used to be a Wichita hater … (No offense, Topeka.) He said he used to complain a lot about Wichita drivers and what he thought was a dearth of decent restaurants, shopping and other amenities in this town, until he lived elsewhere — including Topeka and Houston — and realized how good we have it.

Susan Osborne, a lifelong Wichitan who has served on several community boards, e-mailed to make an important point: Not all 70-somethings are negative Nellies. rant about us old folks preventing them from having the Wichita they envision,” wrote Osborne, who lobbied in favor of Old Town redevelopment when she served on the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission.

Others called or e-mailed to point out city gems such as the Sedgwick County Zoo, Music Theatre Wichita, Exploration Place and the Wichita Art Museum.

One e-mailer, identified only as “Charming Curmudgeon,” said he/she agreed with my original caller.

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The caller, who didn’t leave her name or number, railed against road construction projects, Old Town, the new library, downtown apartments and witless elected officials who can’t seem to get anything right. That was disappointing because I genuinely sought a conversation with the woman, in part to try to decipher her negative feelings.Meanwhile Jacksonville, FL, and Montana had the handsomest men.Overall, beautiful women seem to flock to the East Coast, while good-looking guys hang in the Midwest.The unfortunate side effect is that there is now more competition among them for spouses.And with females about 27 percent more likely to earn a bachelor's than males, many find themselves marrying down the educational ladder.

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